This paper is from Session 3F: Theory and practice of statistics: curriculum for statistics teachers
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which comes under Topic 3: Education and development of staff who teach statistics

(Tuesday 15th, 13:45-15:15)

Preparing teachers to teach statistics: developing professional knowledge and practice




Teachers’ professional knowledge is complex and trans-disciplinary, and is both informed by theory and practice. This paper addresses how teacher education systems may support the development of professional knowledge and teaching practices required for teaching statistics successfully. We discuss the content and nature of teacher knowledge about statistics as well as the teaching of statistics and their relation to teaching practices. We describe the aims, assumptions, and work carried out in an ongoing in-service teacher education program, that integrates teaching and learning with technology, for the professional development in statistics education of middle-school teachers. The teachers’ professional development is supported by a continuous and reflexive movement that considers the articulation between theory and practice. Based on this work, we provide suggestions for teacher education practice and for further research.