Education and development of staff who teach statistics



Statistics teaching demands sound statistical understanding and a sense of current student understanding of any curriculum elements. These must be complemented not only with a personal understanding of the content, but some sense of the processes by which students acquire the material, and some sensitivity to common stumbling blocks to progress. As statistics education evolves towards sustainable modes of enabling learners at all ages to tackle these challenges and make appropriate use of statistical tools and technology, the importance of preparing an incoming generation of teachers, both school and tertiary, and supporting an existing teacher cohort require our commitment and innovation.


3AStatistics instructors’ content knowledgeSusan Peters (United States)
3BStatistics instructors’ knowledge of students’ development of fundamental statistics conceptsAdam Molnar (United States)
3CStatistical instructors’ knowledge of assessing students’ learning of statisticsTim Jacobbe (United States)
3DStatistics instructors’ use of technology for teaching statisticsDoug Stirling (New Zealand)
3EProfessional development of statistics instructorsStephanie Casey (United States)
Deborah Rumsey (United States)
3FTheory and practice of statistics: curriculum for statistics teachersPedro Arteaga (Spain)
Carmen Batanero (Spain)