Focus on Posters

P1: Tuesday 15th, 08:30-09:10
P2: Wednesday 16th, 08:30-09:10
P3: Thursday 17th, 08:30-09:10


Poster session P2 (Wednesday 16th, 08:30-09:10)

19A proposal by ISTAT to support the teaching of statistics in primary schoolNadia Caporrella
Silvia Da Valle
Luciana Micucci
Susi Osti
20Redesigning an undergraduate statistics course using a flipped classroom modelKristin Harvey
22A review of statistics education in KENYABeatrice Wanjiku Gichohi
23Development of statistical literacy in undergraduate studentsDiana Keosayian
Elizabeth Johnson
24Teaching statistics - teaching maths An experimentation routeGaetana Bartolomei
Ornella Giambalvo
25Professional develpoment courses in statistical training instituteHyunSik Hwang
Kyung Ae Park
26Evidence-based policy making and statistical educationKyung Ae Park
27A psychometric analysis of the goals and outcomes associated with learning statistics (GOALS) instrumentAnelise Sabbag
Andrew Zieffler
28Students in need of an attitude adjustment?April Kerby
Jacqueline Wroughton
29Illustrating inference in an introductory statistics course using simulationJeff Kollath
30Applying teaching for understanding in statisticsTeresita Evelina Terán
Diana Kohan
31Epidemic: a computer based training environment for informal inferential reasoningJoachim Engel
Tim Erickson
32A case study of an elementary school student’s informal inferential reasoning in the paper helicopter experimentTakashi Kawakami
33Design of anticipatory tasks along a hypothetical learning trajectory for understanding probability distributionDarcy Conant
34Using actionable intelligence to enhance student success in introductory statistics coursesBrenda Gunderson
Karen Nielsen
35On confidence intervals from permutation testsMara Tableman
Minh Nguyen
Michael Ernst
36High school teachers’ conditional probability content knowledgeAdam Molnar