Focus on Posters

P1: Tuesday 15th, 08:30-09:10
P2: Wednesday 16th, 08:30-09:10
P3: Thursday 17th, 08:30-09:10


Poster session P1 (Tuesday 15th, 08:30-09:10)

1Probability heuristics in year 10 students — a New Zealand studyHoward Edwards
2A first course in data mining: sustaining statistical education in the modern business curriculumDeborah Gougeon
3Changing how we use statistical lexicon: To the hiltDiane Fisher
Jennifer Kaplan
Neal Rogness
4Predictors of postgraduate asmission and students’ learning experiences in the school of statisticsJosefina Almeda
5The impact of clicker technology in a large introductory statistics class environmentZeny F. Mateo
Wan-Chen Lee
6Learning statistics in an undergraduate interdisciplinary research setting — the CRAWL experienceEdith Seier
7Teaching the exact test for proportionsEdith Seier
8Comics and cartoons: sustainability in statistics educationLiza Lorena Jala
9Assessment of different methods of teaching school children mathematical operations of two four-digit numbers using one way multivariate analysis of varianceUmeh Edith Uzoma
10The “lady” has a name: teaching history of statistics using Salsburg with correctionsKirk Anderson
Phyllis Curtiss
11Comparison of student flow in different colleges of Kuwait University using absorbing markov analysisShafiqah A. Al-Awadhi
12The power and ease of examples and exercises using a multivariate least squares computer programRichard Gorsuch
13Investigation of AP statistics students’ understanding of technical terminology with possible lexical ambiguitiesDouglas Whitaker
Tim Jacobbe
Steve Foti
14Students’ understanding of randomization-based inferenceCatherine Case
Melanie Battle
Tim Jacobbe
15The interaction between government agencies and the university in statistics educationAdriana D’Amelio
Silvana Dea Labat
16Quality engineering: an experience in teaching statistics for engineersElisa Henning
Adelmo Anselmo Martins
Marcelo Savio Ramos
17Using hierarchical models in assessment of teaching methods: an initial illustrationJillian Lyon
Ulrike Genschel
Mark Kaiser
18Teaching future high school teachers to teach statisticsNancy Boynton
41Two course-wide assessment tools for introductory statisticsChristopher E. Barat