This paper is from Session 4A: Randomisation and bootstrapping: the quick way to inference
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which comes under Topic 4: Statistics education at the post-secondary level

(Tuesday 15th, 13:45-15:15)

Accepting the challenge: constructing a randomisation pathway for inference into our traditional introductory course




Current thinking in the statistical education community is that a randomisation pathway, with the aid of dynamic visualisations, will provide students with a more accessible and better conceptual understanding of the thinking underpinning statistical inference than a traditional normality-based approach. We report on where we are currently at in introducing randomisation methods into our large introductory course. Continuous reflection on our construction of this pathway has been and will continue to be an important part of working out its implementation. We include an outline of some principles we have tried to adhere to, issues we have encountered, and the main constraints by which we have been bound.