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This is a session of Topic 7: Statistical literacy in the wider society

(Tuesday 15th, 10:55-12:25)

Assessment of statistical literacy



The concept of statistical literacy is becoming well accepted as a critical component needed for intelligent and involved citizenship throughout the world. The increase in demand for “evidence-based” approaches has focused attention on statistical literacy for adults. The knowledge and understanding of statistics and its application in a variety of contexts starts, however, in the school setting, and continues to develop throughout adulthood, as greater experience is brought to bear on considering the statistical information. Statistically literate people should be able to move beyond the data presented and ask critical questions about the data itself, and the interpretation. This requires active involvement in thinking about data and questioning claims made. Such an involvement demands more of assessment than simply considering the capacity to undertake the relevant calculations. Critical approaches require higher-order thinking, such as the capacity to analyse a situation going beyond the immediately obvious information, synthesise an argument, and evaluate the claims made. The focus of this session will be on ways in which the statistics education community has moved to develop tools and instruments for assessing statistical literacy, and the outcomes of using such tools in a variety of settings. The session will include perspectives from those involved with school education as well as professional settings.


PaperTitlePresenter / Co-author(s)
7C1Towards statistical literacy - relating assessment to the real worldPenelope Bidgood (United Kingdom)
7C2Establishing the validity of the LOCUS assessments through an evidenced-centered design approachTim Jacobbe (United States)
Catherine Case (United States)
Steve Foti (United States)
Douglas Whitaker (United States)
7C3Sufficiently assessing teachers’ statistical literacyRoger Wander (Australia)
Helen Chick (Australia)
Robyn Pierce (Australia)