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This is a session of Topic 1: Sustaining strengths and building capacity in statistics education

(Friday 18th, 13:45-15:45)

Building the capacity to teach and understand statistics in emerging economies



The teaching of statistics in schools and in introductory tertiary contexts, and the promotion of awareness for the importance and methods of quantitative research, face particular challenges in emerging economies or developing countries. Papers in this session discuss issues and challenges in such contexts, including but not limited to capacity and background of mathematics and science teachers, attitudes and beliefs, preparedness to teach statistics and to use technology, and more. Papers present case studies from different countries and outline possible solutions.


PaperTitlePresenter / Co-author(s)
1D1On the commencement of a culture of “statistics acceptance” in a higher education institution relatively new at researchSaleha Habibullah (Pakistan)
1D2Building capacity for developing statistical literacy in a developing countryTemesgen Zewotir (South Africa)
Iddo Gal (Israel)
Michael Murray (South Africa)
Delia North (South Africa)
1D3Statistics education in Ethiopia: successes, challenges and opportunitiesAnn A O’Connell (United States)
Kassa Michael (Ethiopia)
1D4Sustaining teachers’ capacity for teaching statistical inference through reflective practiceEnriqueta Reston (Philippines)
Liza Lorena Jala (Philippines)