Group C2D (Monday 14th, 10:55-12:25)  Chair: Wendy J. Post
C162  Students’ social representation of statistics in the humanities and social sciencesJean-Marie Marion (France)Alain Bihan-Poudec
C200  Graduate teaching assistants’ beliefs, practices, and preparation for teaching introductory statisticsNicola Parker (United States)Elizabeth Fry
Joan Garfield
Andrew Zieffler
C259  Statistical and mathematical self-efficacy of incoming students at a large public universityUlrike Genschel (United States)Andee Kaplan
Alicia Carriquiry
Elgin Johnston
Wolfgang Kliemann
Kenneth Koehler
Ian Mouzon
C263  Real-time educational interpreting in statisticsThomas L. Berning (South Africa)

All contributed papers