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   (Wednesday 16th, 10:55-12:25)   In session C10B

Teaching statistics in the Arab countries: the ambitions and the needs


Hanan Innabi (Jordan)


For last two decades, most of the Arab countries have been involved in Mathematics Education reform. Data Analysis and Probability is one of the standards upon which the new mathematics school curriculum is built. There are many changes related to statistics content and objectives. A new vision concerning learning statistics can be found in the mathematics frameworks and outlines such as: formulating questions, collecting, organizing, representing, analyzing, and interpreting data. In spite of this apparent change, careful examination reveals that in practical terms, teaching and learning statistics still reside within an old tradition of procedural knowledge. In order to achieve the new goals of teaching statistics, teachers need to embrace the view that statistics is a tool for a daily critical thinking and problem solving. They also need statistical content and pedagogy knowledge and skills to achieve the new vision of statistics education.