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   (Tuesday 15th, 10:55-12:25)   In session C6A

Twitter as a learning tool in higher education


Juan M. López-Zafra, Sonia de Paz-Cobo


Juan M. López-Zafra (Spain)


As far as the second semester of 2010-2011 we started to communicate with the students in the course of Business Statistics in the Business Administration grade in a private school in Madrid, Spain. The goal was to surpass the email service and check if Twitter could be the weapon. At the end of the course a survey was presented and 95% of the enrolled students filled it out. The questions were divided into three different categories, teacher, technological environment and Twitter, and the student academic and personal background. We present the results on the second one, with 15 questions ranging from “It’s my first experience in Twitter within a subject” (82% answered “yes”) to “Globally considered, the experience has been positive” (63% fully agreed or agreed). As our experience shows, Twitter is very powerful in motivating students in a business statistics course.