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   (Thursday 17th, 13:45-15:15)   In session C13C

Examining graduate students’ prior mathematics/statistics experiences and their statistics self-perceptions: a third order structural model with latent variable analysis


Karen Larwin (United States)


The proposed presentation will demonstrate the causal link between prior mathematics/statistics coursework experiences (PME) and Statistics Self-Perception (SSP), using structural equation modeling (SEM) techniques. This was accomplished with data from n = 238 graduate students enrolled in their first graduate statistics class. Students were asked to complete inventories: Statistics-Related Self-Efficacy (Finney, 2003), Statistics-Related Attitudes (Schau et al, 1995), and Statistics-Related Anxiety (Cruise, Cash, & Bolton, 1985). SEM was used to demonstrate that these three constructs support a higher order construct of SSP. The resultant model demonstrates a strong link between PME and SSP. Additionally the relationship to participant demographic variables (gender, age, ethnicity, prior college mathematics/statistics classes, etc.) is examined.