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   (Monday 14th, 16:15-17:45)   In session C4A

Is an active learning space better than traditional classroom for learning experience in a first year statistics tutorial class?


Ayse Bilgin, Greg Robertson, David Bulger


Ayse Bilgin (Australia)


Service teaching of first year statistics classes is common in many universities due to the importance of statistical knowledge for many disciplines. However, large classes and students’ varied demographic and discipline backgrounds create challenges for academics. How can we ensure a satisfactory learning experience for these students, who usually are not in the class by choice? Could active and collaborative learning spaces be the missing ingredient? In this research we investigated students’ perceived learning experiences in a large first year statistics unit at Macquarie University. Data from a quantitative survey, administered to students in a traditional classroom in 2012 (n=226) and in an active learning space in 2013 (n=619), were used to address the question, “Are students more satisfied with their learning in an active and collaborative learning space as compared to a more traditional classroom?”