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   (Tuesday 15th, 10:55-12:25)   In session C6A

Developing conceptual understanding: the role of interactive dynamic technology


Gail Burrill (United States)


The U. S. Common Core State Standards recommend that all students should analyze univariate and bivariate data, two-way contingency tables with categorical data, margin of error and whether there is a significant difference between two proportions. This paper describes a project to develop materials to support the teaching and learning of these “hard-to-teach/hard to learn” topics in introductory statistics. The materials, intended to complement core course materials, consist of interactive dynamic documents, student worksheets, and teacher notes that build foundations for the concepts and confront typical student misconceptions. They were designed to reflect the content and pedagogy advocated by GAISE where dynamic interactive technology provides the opportunity to rethink how students might come to better understand central statistical concepts.