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   (Friday 18th, 10:55-12:25)   In session C16A

Business management students’ attitude and performance in statistics learning in Nigeria Metropolitan College of Technology


Adeyemi D Aromolaran, Abiodun Karim, Emmanuel Ikegwu, Uneke Okoroafor, Yemisi Ajiboye


Adeyemi D Aromolaran (Nigeria)


Attitudinal apathy among undergraduate management students in Nigeria towards learning of statistics and its consequential poor performance is of great concern. 300 structured questionnaires were administered by stratified random sampling method across three different departments in the school of management. The categories of students involved in the study were the year-two students who had the course in their curriculum in the session. Chi-square test and log-linear statistical tools in IBM SPSS was used for the data processing and analysis. Findings showed that most student preferred statistics to be removed from their course list, attributed their poor performance to the teaching approach being adopted by the lecturers and existence of association between previous knowledge in mathematics and performance in statistics. It is therefore recommended that students’ interest in mathematics at secondary education level should be worked upon to enhance their interest in the learning of statistics at the tertiary education level.