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   (Monday 14th, 10:55-12:25)   In session C2B

The role of lecturers in students’ performance


Klára Kazár (Hungary)


Creating positive attitudes toward statistics has a key role in sustainable statistical knowledge. However, a lot of students have negative attitudes toward and fear of statistics. Lecturers have a key role in identifying these possible problems and taking the necessary steps. An important step in this process is making a course evaluation and analyzing the lecturer’s role and effect on students’ opinion and performance. This paper introduces the results of a course evaluation focusing on the role of lecturers. Applying PLS (partial least squares) path analysis we came to the conclusion that the evaluation of a lecturer has an effect on the satisfaction with the course, and the latter influences the course performance of the students. According to the results, the higher the evaluation of the lecturer is the higher the evaluation of the subject and the performance of the course prove to be.