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   (Friday 18th, 10:55-12:25)   In session C16B

The interactive submarine: using boxplots as a likelihood approach


Pedro Campos (Portugal)


In this work, we explore the capacity of students and professionals with different education levels to cope with boxplots and to draw conclusions. An experiment has been conducted where specimens of a subspecies of a reptile are distinguished by weight, age and size. Participants compare sample data with population data in order to identify the subspecies that have been collected. Young students seem to be more prepared to analyze and interpret boxplots than older students and adults which reinforces the need for the training of statistical reasoning in adult ages. The submarine simulator (or Interactive Submarine) is included in Exploristica (, an itinerant exploratory exhibition consisting of various interactive modules with the aim of bringing the fundamentals of Statistics and Probability to basic and secondary schools, conveying the statistical concepts in a practical and experimental way.