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   (Tuesday 15th, 15:45-17:15)   In session C8C

Assessment of students’ knowledge and skills in learning statistics in the 21st Century


Allen F Vicente, Nelia S. Ereno, Liberty Grace Baay


Nelia S. Ereno (Philippines)


This paper investigated the ways on how students understood the various topic areas in statistics in order to have better learning experiences in gaining knowledge and skills in statistics. The relationship between the students’ attitudes to statistics; their abilities and learning outcome were also examined. Results showed that students whose biases and misconceptions were being corrected tend to have excellent grades. Also, students who agreed that they like statistics were likely to have very good and excellent grades. Several activities that improved awareness, developed talents and potential, enhanced quality of life and contributed to the realization of dreams and aspirations in the field of statistics in the 21st century were also presented. The students agreed that they were encouraged to ask questions, to experiment and to formulate their own plan of action. In addition, they were also taught to use statistical software in their respective classes.