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   (Monday 14th, 16:15-17:45)   In session C4A

How is success in statistics moderated by instructional practices used at the university level: interpreting 30+ years of research on the topic


Hanna Wilson, Shawn Fitzgerald, Jason Schenker, Jian Li


Hanna Wilson (United States)


Results from this study provide information regarding the effectiveness of various “innovative” instructional approaches employed in university level statistics courses. The average effect across all “innovative” instructional approaches, when compared to the traditional lecture approach, indicates that these strategies influence student achievement in a positive manner (d = 0.3389). However, this should be interpreted with caution as it was determined that several study characteristics moderated the relationship between instructional type and statistics achievement. Average effects of the innovative instructional practices on statistics achievement were moderated by type of publication (i.e., journal, presentation, dissertation), subject assignment to courses, (i.e., random, nonrandom) and length of implementation of innovative instructional practice. Implications for using various instructional approaches are discussed.