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   (Friday 18th, 10:55-12:25)   In session C16B

Technology tools and success in statistics: interpreting the research


Jason Schenker, Shawn Fitzgerald, Jian Li, Emtiaz Rony


Jason Schenker (United States)


The purpose of the present research study was to examine the effectiveness of using various technology tools to enhance statistics instruction using meta-analytic techniques. A total of 148 effect sizes were obtained from 62 individual articles. A mean study-weighted effect size of 0.280 was found across all studies and this value was statistically significant, t (62.991) = 4.467, p < 0.001. However, considerable variance in effect sizes remained unexplained suggesting that the mean study-weighted effect size found when considering all studies was moderated by one or more study characteristics. Further analyses examined differences in effect sizes across online vs. face-to-face courses, function of technology use (supplemented or substituted instruction), duration of instruction, instructor bias (same vs. different instructions), research design, and publication status (published vs unpublished studies). Only the difference in effect sizes between online and face-to-face courses was statistically significant. Implications for using various technology tools are discussed.