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   (Tuesday 15th, 10:55-12:25)   In session C6D

Attending to students’ thinking on bivariate statistical data at secondary level: two teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge


Sandra Quintas, Hélia Oliveira, Rosa Tomás Ferreira


Sandra Quintas (Portugal)


In this study we compare and contrast aspects of the pedagogical content knowledge of two experienced secondary mathematics teachers when they teach bivariate data under the topic of statistics. In particular, we aim to understand how their knowledge of students is expressed in their instructional process. The data collected for this study was obtained from observation of some lessons taught by each teacher, semi-structured interviews and resources used in the lessons. This study highlights the need for these teachers to help students in reasoning more deeply about bivariate relationships, namely regarding aspects of structure and strength, model fitting, and the role of the linear regression model in predicting events. It also shows the importance of fostering students’ comprehension of concepts related to correlation and regression when they work, in the classroom context, on tasks that incorporate bivariate data.