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   (Wednesday 16th, 10:55-12:25)   In session C10B

Sustaining progress in statistics education in the United States through an analysis of the past 30 years of advancement


Katherine Halvorsen, John McKenzie, Jr.


Katherine Halvorsen (United States)


This comprehensive account of statistics education in the USA describes the changes in the American Statistical Association’s (ASA) statistics education efforts during the past 30 years. These changes include the creation of committees that support the work of statistics educators in mathematics departments in four-year colleges and universities, in two-year colleges, and in schools, along with ASA recommendations on course requirements for undergraduate statistics majors and guidelines for assessment and instruction in statistics education in kindergarten through secondary school and in the first-year of college (the GAISE reports). The paper concludes with continuing and new challenges, along with future opportunities, for statistics educators in the United States and other countries.