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   (Wednesday 16th, 10:55-12:25)   In session C10A

Investigation about curricular orientations in teaching statistics in Brazil and Mexico


Hugo Hernandez, Verônica Yumi Kataoka, Claudia Borim da Silva, Irene Cazorla


Hugo Hernandez (Mexico)


The objective of this paper is to investigate similarities and differences between curricular orientations for teaching statistics at a Brazilian high school and the School of Sciences and Humanities (CCH) in Mexico. CCH is an important Mexican institution and one out of three high school systems offered by the National Autonomous University of Mexico. In Brazil, the curricular orientations are recommended in the National Curricular Parameters (PCN). Among the differences, the CCH’s curriculum includes Inferential Statistics, particularly Estimation and Test of Hypothesis. Curricular orientations are similar in recommending collecting, organization and presentation of data; construction, reading and interpretation of graphics, tables, measures of central tendency and dispersion; observation of the random character of phenomena, construction of sample space and probabilities calculations, aiming to develop the statistics literacy of the students. Comparison between both curricular orientations may contribute to thinking about teaching statistics in high school.