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Validity evidences of electronic attitudes scales towards statistics


Claudette Maria Medeiros Vendramini, Camila Cardozo Camilo, Juliana Maximila de Paula Bueno


Claudette Maria Medeiros Vendramini (Brazil)


This study aimed to verify the validity evidences of four electronic scales of attitudes towards statistics through Rasch model. A sample of 1,089 Brazilian students from different knowledge areas, selected for convenience, participated in this study. They were aged 17-50 (M=24.58; DP=6.39), 67.5% female, enrolled in the different semesters from graduation courses of a private university in São Paulo state, and had already attended a Statistics subject. The participants answered, in computer laboratories, at least one of the electronic attitudes scales (eSASPortuguese, eSATSPortuguese, eATSPortuguese, eEAEc), all they are a 5 or 7-point Likert-type scale. The results indicated that all or most items of the scales can be accepted as fitting the Rasch measurement model, and they are reliable measure with good psychometric properties, making them a good instrument to measure the construct attitude. The eSATSPortuguese and the eSASPortuguese have better psychometric properties than the others. Keywords: psychometrics, statistics education, electronic instruments, Rasch model.