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   (Tuesday 15th, 15:45-17:15)   In session C8B

Normal inverse function in teaching inference about population mean and population proportion


Xiaoyi Ji (United States)


If a simple random sample is drawn from a normal distribution or the sample size 𝑛 is large, the normal inverse function can be used to obtain a confidence interval of the population parameter 𝜇 or 𝑝. The traditional teaching method, finding a confidence interval indirectly through a standardized normal variable, is not necessary. The study shows that once the normal distributed random variables, 𝑋~ or 𝑃~, have been specified, the lower and upper quantiles of the distribution of the variable form an interval estimation of the population parameter 𝜇 or 𝑝, and the lower and upper quantiles can be directly computed by using normal inverse function in statistics or mathematics software packages. Two examples given in my teaching show, furthermore, the investigation of normal inverse function in teaching the inference about the population parameter provides a more quick, direct and natural manner to solve the problems.