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   (Thursday 17th, 10:55-12:25)   In session C12C

Fostering deep statistical learning using diversity content: the “statistics of sexual orientation” course


Michele DiPietro (United States)


This course is the first of its kind, and to this day it remains unique. It was developed in 2004 after the realization that all the questions people ask in the public debates surrounding LGBT rights are (Is homosexuality genetic or learned? Are LGBT couples good parents? How many people are LGBT? Can you change your sexual orientation? And so on) are in fact statistical questions—they involve gathering data from a sample, measuring relevant variables, drawing a conclusion from the sample, and generalizing to a larger population to the extent possible. Based on this realization, my hope was that the diversity content and the statistical tools would act synergistically and stimulate deeper leaning in both areas. Statistical knowledge would enable students to take informed positions on important societal debates, and real life applications would demonstrate the power of statistics.