10th International
Conference on
Teaching Statistics
8 – 13 July 2018
Kyoto, Japan

Topic 8

New approaches to research in statistics education



Sessions and papers within Topic 8 are dealing with new approaches to research and research methodologies in statistics education. We welcome contributions that (1) critically evaluate past and present philosophical foundations, theories, frameworks, topics, and methodologies applied in statistics education research; and/or (2) identify issues pertaining to teaching, learning, understanding and using of statistics and probability which deserve to be put into research spotlight; as well as (3) propose novel research approaches to address them. Sessions and papers eligible for inclusion into this topic can build on quantitative, qualitative, or mixed method research or propose paradigms for research. We are particularly keen to move beyond the simple experience-based descriptive frameworks to generate a broader picture of research goals and challenges faced by statistics educators around the globe in the era of increasingly standardized understanding of core quantitative competencies and paths to achieve them.


8AInference in Times of Crisis, Part 1Rink Hoekstra (The Netherlands)
8BInference in Times of Crisis, Part 2Rink Hoekstra (The Netherlands)
8CReasoningLucía Zapata-Cardona (Colombia)
8DNew Methods in the Age of Big DataIrena Ograjenšek (Slovenia)
8ETheory and FrameworksEgan Chernoff (Canada)