10th International
Conference on
Teaching Statistics
8 – 13 July 2018
Kyoto, Japan

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9:30-10:30Parallel Sessions
Session C7C
Contributed papers
Chair: Carl Lee
Level 2 - Seminar Room 3
Collette Lemieux*The use of a story-based task to explore sampling distributions
Marianne van Dijke-Droogers*Repeated Sampling as a step toward Informal Statistical Inference
Oscar Hernandez*Practical use of correlation coefficients in the Social Sciences
Session C7D
Contributed papers
Chair: Matthew Beckman
Level 2 - Seminar Room 2
Yan Liu*Examining Distractors in Multiple-Choice Questions for Classroom Assessments: Learning from Psychometrics
EJ Bakker*Could open-ended questions be replaced by multiple-choice questions in Statistics exams?
Ibrahim Alfaki*Statistics capacity building and alignment of learning outcomes with business sector needs in the GCC Countries
Session C7E
Contributed papers
Chair: Jennifer Kaplan
Level 3 - Conf Room D
Mahtash Esfandiari*Statistics: A Window to Understanding Diversity
Jeffrey Witmer*Effect size and statistical inference
Xin Ma*The Effects of Virtual Manipulatives on Statistics Achievement of Undergraduate Students
Session C7F
Contributed papers
Chair: Marjorie Bond
Level 2 - Medium Conference Room
Jacqueline Milton*Utilizing a Flipped Classroom for an Introductory Biostatistics Course
Brian Leventhal*Can a three-day intensive statistics boot camp increase graduate students' core knowledge and self-efficacy?
Precious Valentin*Factors Affecting Performance In Statistics Of Benguet State Unversity College Students
Session C7G
Contributed papers
Chair: Megan Mocko
Level 2 - AV Study Room
Charles Taylor*Using R to teach statistics
Koo Rijpkema*You R, so you are !
Jennifer Miguel*Simultaneous Modeling Of Rainfall Quantity And Incidence In Pangasinan Using Poisson-Gamma Distribution
Session C7H
Contributed papers
Chair: Jennifer Brown
Level 3 - Conf Room B
Yelena Stukalin*Significance of intuitive explanation of CI for non-statistician students
Piet Van Blokland*Simulations for addicts of gambling
Xiaoyi Ji*Data-Driven Learning Strategy in Introductory Statistics Courses
Session C7I
Contributed papers
Chair: Per Nilsson
Level 3 - Conf Room A
Ralf Nieszporek*Developments of teachers’ knowledge facets in teaching statistics with digital tools measured with retrospective self-assessment
Michael Huberty*Secondary teachers’ understanding of statistical modeling after teaching a simulation-based statistical inference course
Auriluci Figueiredo*Perspectives in Teaching Statistics in a Pedagogy Course in DE
Session C7J
Contributed papers
Chair: Hanan Innabi
Level 2 - Seminar Room 1
Douglas Whitaker*A Framework and Survey for Measuring Students’ Motivational Attitudes toward Statistics
Michael Posner*The Impact on Teacher Attitudes and Statistical Pedagogical Knowledge of a Regional Hub and Mentorship Program for Two-Year Colleges in the U.S.
Zainal Abidin Koemadji*Specialist and Non-Specialist Students' Attitudes Towards Statistics
11:00-12:30Parallel Sessions
Session 9K
Alternative and creative ways to teach statistics
Session organizer and Chair: Bruno de Sousa
Terrsa Hall
Alexander White*Data in Search of a Context: An Icebreaker Activity
Andrej Blejec*Presentation of statistical concepts with dynamic graphics and simulations in R
Jorge Ribeiro*Exploristica - Adentures in Statistics with Augmented Reality
Session 5I
Understanding the statistical education needs of researchers in applied disciplines
Session organizer and Chair: Sue Finch
Level 3 - Conf Room C
Angela Wade*Five-year follow up survey of usage of tools given in a one-day sample size course
Satoshi Sekiguchi*Practical Education of Statistics for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Sue Finch*Back to basics? Identifying educational needs in statistical consulting
Session 2H
Perspectives on statistics education with a focus in secondary schools - session 1
Session organizer: Daniel Frischemeier
Chair: Susanne Schnell
Level 2 - Seminar Room 3
Shinichiro Matsumoto*Statistical contents and lessons in the Japanese curriculum of mathematics for lower secondary schools
Pip Arnold*Critiquing investigative questions
Rachel Passmore*Time Series – its place in the secondary school curriculum
Session 5J
Education of statistical quality control for industries in Japan
Session organizer: Kazuyuki Suzuki, Hiroe Tsubaki
Chair: Hiroe Tsubaki
Level 2 - Seminar Room 2
Kenji Suzuki*Education of Statistical Quality Control by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers – Practical Statistics Education for Engineers in Industries
Takenori Takahashi*Active Learning of Statistical Quality Control in Practice with Hope-add-inn
Hisakazu Shindo*The Quality Management Certificate Examination in Japan
Session 2A
Learning to reason with statistical models and modeling at the school level (Part 1)
Session organizer and Chair: Dani Ben-Zvi
Level 3 - Conf Room D
Anne Patel*Scaffolding Year 8 students’ statistical modelling reasoning using Follow Up Tasks to a Model Eliciting Activity
Panchompoo Wisittanawat*Teacher assistance in modeling chance processes
Michal Dvir*Model Comparisons as a means of providing an informal quantitative estimation for statistical uncertainty
Session 10E
The Statistics Education Research Journal: A new era (panel)
Session organizer: Christine Franklin
Chair: Lucia Zapata
Level 2 - Medium Conference Room
Maxine Pfannkuch*Panellist
Manfred Borovcnik*Panellist
Jennifer Kaplan*Panellist
Session 9I
Gathering and modeling data
Session organizer and Chair: Santiago Inzunza
Level 2 - AV Study Room
Kady Schneiter*Using Personal Activity Data in an Undergraduate Statistics Course
Jennifer Noll*Students' statistical modeling activities using TinkerPlots
Michael Bulmer*Virtual Environments for Teaching Qualitative Research Methods
Session C8A
Contributed papers
Chair: Thomas Wassong
Level 3 - Conf Room B
Nelia Ereno*The Engagement with Big Data Analytics in Business: A Preparation
Mike Forster*Teaching Time Series to Undergraduate Students
Monica Dabos*Transforming Teaching and Learning Statistics: A Multidimensional Approach
Stephen Mansour*Taming Statistics for Students with APL
Session C8B
Contributed papers
Chair: Brian Phillips
Level 3 - Conf Room A
Matina Rassias*Overcoming challenges with service courses in Statistics
Kirsten Doehler*Diversity-Related Projects in an Introductory Statistics Course
Veronica Fruiht*Project-based curriculum as a guide for the re-sequencing of a discipline specific statistics course
Kie Van Ivanky Saputra*Implementing a Simulation-Based Inference Curriculum in Indonesia: a Preliminary Report