(Sunday 13th, 08:00-17:00)

Statistics and Probability in the Common Core State Standards



Many high school courses include a little statistics and probability, but not nearly to the depth expected by the Common Core State Standards. This workshop will primarily address topics that are new to the middle school and high school curriculum. Approximately half of the time will be spent exploring statistical concepts, including study design and using simulations for statistical inference. The other half of the workshop will be spent exploring probability concepts, including conditional probability and expected value. Many classroom-tested activities and examples will be provided, include some from sports-related contexts. This workshop is ideal for middle and high school teachers who will be teaching these standards, college professors who work with future math teachers, and anyone else interested in the role of statistics and probability in the Common Core. Includes lunch.

For questions and additional information, contact Josh Tabor at joshtabor@hotmail.com