(Saturday 12th, 13:00-17:00)

Teaching Statistics with R and RStudio Part 1



This workshop will introduce participants to teaching applied statistics

courses using computing in an integrated way. The presenters have been using R to teach statistics to undergraduates at all levels for the last decade and will share their approach and some of their favorite examples. Topics will include workflow in the RStudio environment, providing novices with a powerful but manageable set of tools, and data visualization. Much of this will be facilitated using the mosaic package. The workshop is designed to be accessible to those with little or no experience teaching with R, and will provide participants with skills, examples, and resources that they can use in their own teaching.

Bring your own laptop.

Part 2 of this workshop (Workshop B2) will be held the following day. You may register for only Part 1, or for Parts 1 and 2. Registration and attendance in Part 1 is required for Part 2.

For questions and additional information, contact Randall Pruim at rpruim@calvin.edu