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This is a session of Topic 9: Technology in statistics education

(Thursday 17th, 10:55-12:25)

Modeling, randomization and simulation tools for connecting data and chance



Garfield and Ben-Zvi (2008) argued that the changes in technology have had a large impact on the teaching of statistics. It has impacted the content that is taught, the pedagogy used, and even the format of the course itself. In recent years, technology has played an even bigger role as computationally intensive methods, such as randomization testing or bootstrapping, have made their way into the introductory statistics curriculum.

The use of technology tools for modeling and simulation in statistics courses brings many new opportunities and challenges. Statistics instructors are faced with more choices and questions than ever before. Should the statistical software/program for a course be more for the analysis of data or for aiding student learning? How do these tools enable or facilitate students to connect data and chance? Are there better ways to leverage students prior knowledge to optimize student learning and make deep connections to data and chance? Do these choices have an impact on students’ reasoning or understanding of statistics? How should instruction of the technology tools be scaffolded to better help students’ learning? Should the instruction of the technological tool take place in the classroom or outside the classroom (e.g., in homework)? How do technology tools impact younger students (elementary and middle school) students' statistical reasoning and thinking?

This session features speakers who have been instrumental in leading research to assess the impact of technology tools on students’ statistical reasoning. They will describe and summarize current research efforts related to the use of technology tools in the introductory statistics curriculum.


PaperTitlePresenter / Co-author(s)
9B1Hierarchical data visualization as a tool for developing student understanding of variation of data generated in simulationsWilliam Finzer (United States)
9B2StatKey: online tools for bootstrap intervals and randomization testsKari Lock Morgan (United States)
Robin Lock (United States)
Patti Frazer Lock (United States)
Eric Lock (United States)
Dennis Lock (United States)
9B3Teaching resampling in an introductory statistics courseWebster West (United States)