11th International
Conference on
Teaching Statistics
11–16 September 2022
Rosario, Argentina

About IASE and ISI

The IASE, the International Association for Statistical Education, seeks to promote, support and improve statistical education at all levels everywhere around the world. It is the international umbrella organization for statistics education. It fosters international cooperation, and stimulates discussion and research. It disseminates ideas, strategies, research findings, materials and information using publications, international conferences, and its website. IASE is the education section of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), but may also be joined independently by those who wish to participate in IASE’s activities, or simply to support the work on improving statistics education and extending its outreach.

The ISI, International Statistical Institute, is a diverse and vibrant organisation, with a long history and a rich tradition. ISI’s mission is to promote the understanding, development and good practice of statistics worldwide. This is reflected in its slogan ‘Statistics and Data Science for a Better World”. The institute was founded in London in 1885 by 81 prominent statisticians from governments and academia. The ISI, its seven Associations and its organisational members, covering a range of statistical areas and interests, make up the ISI family with over 4,500 members from over 100 countries. Their work and influence within the international statistical community are supported by standing and operational committees, special interest groups and regional networks.


It all started in 1982 with ICOTS 1 held in Sheffield, UK, the first International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS). Organized by the International Association for Statistical Education (IASE), ICOTS is a meeting where statistical educators and professionals get together to share their ideas, experiences and research developments in statistics education.
ICOTS 11, Bridging the Gap: Empowering and Educating Today’s Learners in Statistics, will be hosted by the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina in September, 2022. The diversity of its International Programme Committee (IPC) composed of 9 members from 7 different countries across 5 continents, reflects the richness and multicultural environment experience in one of the most important meetings in Statistics Education.

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