This paper is from Session 9E: e-learning tools: evaluation and the role of the instructor
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which comes under Topic 9: Technology in statistics education

(Friday 16th, 14:00-16:00)

Creating active learning in a large introductory statistics class using clicker technology



Over the years, various teaching strategies have been developed to energize teaching and learning specifically for large classroom enrollment. Large classes do not lend themselves to student participation or inquiry. The use of clicker technology provides one way to address a part of this problem. It is a handheld device commonly called “clickers” or “key-pads” used by students in a large classroom to transmit their answers by pressing the clicker buttons. In this study, some initial results will be discussed on how clickers are used for teaching and learning of students in a large Introductory Statistics lecture environment. As this technology will be implemented for the first time in our department, the major challenges that the faculty and students will encounter when using this technology are also explored.