This paper is from Session 5E: Assessing statistical literacy and critical understanding of real-world messages related to statistics, probability, and risk
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which comes under Topic 5: Assessment in statistics education

(Monday 12th, 16:30-18:00)

Assessing the interpretation of two-way tables as part of statistical literacy




This paper analyses the interview responses of 29 teachers to a question based on the interpretation of a 2-way table. The teachers were asked to articulate the big statistical ideas behind the problem, to suggest appropriate and inappropriate responses they would expect from their students, and then to indicate how they would respond to two selected specific responses given by students in previous student surveys. Hierarchical rubrics were developed for assessing the teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge and examples are given of teachers’ responses at each level. Implications for the statistical literacy curriculum, for the use of authentic problems, and for teacher professional learning are discussed.