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This is a session of Topic 9: Technology in statistics education

(Thursday 15th, 11:00-12:30)

Effective online educational materials



The Internet and the World Wide Web provide useful vehicles for communicating statistical information of various types and in various formats. Online courseware spans a broad spectrum, from standalone content for autodidact learners; to “pure” distance learning courses taught by geographically removed instructors; to textbook replacements; to supplementary materials and tools that enhance traditional classroom instruction.

Research shows that students in online statistics courses perform at least as well as those in traditional courses when comparing student performance using pre-test and post-test scores and grades, and that online courses also perform favorably when comparing overall course satisfaction.

This session will provide a forum for discussing the following questions:
  • What features of online materials makes them pedagogically effective for teaching statistics, and why?
  • How should online materials be used effectively to support teaching and enhance students’ learning?

Presenters will discuss the pedagogical principles that guided them in developing online materials or choosing existing ones, and/or share ways in which they experimented with using online materials and the impact it had on students’ learning.


PaperTitlePresenter(s) / Author(s)
9G1Online learning materials: are they put to different uses by online and on campus students?Glenda Francis (Australia)
9G2In search of the “perfect” blend between an instructor and an online course for teaching introductory statisticsCandace Thille (United States)
Marsha Lovette (United States)
Oded Meyer (United States)
9G3Improving lectures with CAST appletsDoug Stirling (New Zealand)