Group C8A (Tuesday 13th, 14:00-16:00)
C138  Strengthening the understanding of sampling distribution and errors associated to the hypothesis testing in students of agricultural and environmental sciencesMaría Virginia López (Argentina)María del Carmen Fabrizio
María Cristina Plencovich
C139  Social representations of French-speaking undergraduate students in humanities and social studies in the use and difficulties in learning statisticsAlain Bihan-Poudec (France)François Larose
C142  Fostering students’ statistical reasoning, self-efficacy, and attitudes: findings from a comprehensively reformed undergraduate statistics courseAboma Olani (The Netherlands)Rink Hoekstra
Egbert Harskamp
Greetje van der Werf
C146  Adjusting cognitive load to the student’s level of expertise for increasing motivation to learnJimmie Leppink (The Netherlands)
C147  Non-statisticians learning statisticsAyse Bilgin (Australia)
C149  Teaching statistics at a superior school of business management. Realities and challenges.Sandra Nunes (Portugal)Sandra Oliveira
Sandra Monteiro

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