Group C7A (Tuesday 13th, 11:00-12:30)
C150  The impact of video-based resources in teaching statistics: A comparative study of undergraduates to postgraduatesNorhayati Baharun (Australia)Anne Porter
C157  Motivation and self-efficacy related to probability and statistics: task-specific motivation and proficiencyMartin Gundlach (Germany)Sebastian Kuntze
Joachim Engel
Laura Martignon
C159  Aspects of statistical literacy between competency measures and indicators for conceptual knowledge: empirical research in the project “RIKO-STAT”Sebastian Kuntze (Germany)Joachim Engel
Laura Martignon
Martin Gundlach
C178  Strategies to make counter-examples while comparing two groupsKai-Lin Yang (Taiwan)Wen-Han Chang

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