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The teaching of statistics and probability in mathematics undergraduate courses


Lorí Viali (Brazil)


In Brazil the basic system of Education is divided in Elementary School I (ages 6 or 7 to 9 or 10 with a generalist teacher, usually a pedagogy undergraduate) involving the grades 1 to 4 and Elementary School II (ages 11 to 13 with a specialist teacher) including the grades 5 to 8 and a 3 and in some cases 4 years of high school involving, also, a specialist teacher. The faculties who teach Statistics courses in universities come from a number of areas such as Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, etc. However, in Elementary II and High school, teachers with a degree in Mathematics teach the Statistics courses. The promulgation of the 1996 LDB (Brazilian Education Basic Tenets Law) has made Statistics and Probability part of the content of the curriculum of Elementary (I and II) and High school. This study analyzed the curriculums of Mathematics undergraduates programs in Brazil.