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   (Friday 16th, 08:20-09:20)

Statistic for the social sciences: a challenge


Nora Lac Prugent, Liliana Severino


Nora Lac Prugent (Argentina)


The Creditable Postgraduate Seminar tries to give an answer to the growing demand on training and practice in the quantitative analysis for researchers and professionals of the Social Sciences. The pedagogic proposal points the training of theoretical-practice data analysis, linking the acquisition of statistical concepts to the application on reference material that it "makes sense" for the professional field of the Social Sciences. For the practical training the methodological material used is bring by the tutor and the databases are national surveys on conditions of life in urban homes of the Argentina Republic. In this way, this integrated approach of social data analysis coming from surveys, tries to enable professionals from this area to use in a critical way official databases that are of public access. In this paper we present some results from our experience of a course for Undergraduates that was given in our University.