11th International
Conference on
Teaching Statistics
11–16 September 2022
Rosario, Argentina

Topic 8

Advances in statistics education research



The 21st century is a century of data. Data have impact on many aspects of our lives, whether we realize it or not. With this comes the need to strengthen data literacy of students of all ages as well as in the wider society and among professionals. Statistics education is strengthened by critically engaging with evidence and debate among the diverse members of our research community.

Sessions and papers within this ICOTS topic are therefore dealing with current research that aims at advancing knowledge about teaching and learning statistics. This will be achieved by going beyond field reports and best practices towards original research reports that are underpinned by research methodologies. In this topic, both qualitative and quantitative empirical studies are encouraged. Theoretical papers that present innovative literature-based contributions to statistics education research are also welcome.

Thematically, research contributions may come from any area of statistics education as well as data science education or teaching probability. Contributions that are not in the scope in any other topic at ICOTS may fit this topic. In particular, we encourage considering contributions from the following areas: informal data science in schools; working with non-traditional data; integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence), algorithmic reasoning and statistical modelling in statistics education; considering the cultural complexities of data; learning analytics and statistics education; the role of attitudes and beliefs in learning statistics.

For a valuable contribution to the topic, authors should identify a relevant gap in previous research on statistics education and clearly state their own approach for filling this gap. Locating one's own research in existing literature on statistics education is necessary as is an adequate discussion of methods and results.