11th International
Conference on
Teaching Statistics
11–16 September 2022
Rosario, Argentina

Topic 12

Teaching Statistics where Access to Technology is Challenging



Teaching statistics at all educational levels is challenging at the best of times. Statistics is often taught within the subject of mathematics by mathematics' teachers who may not be well prepared to teach. Statistics is an applied discipline, which is best taught in context, and is of increasing importance in our data rich world.Teaching statistics require the use of technology to provide learners with vital skills, enabling them to work with data.This topic intends to explore the latest thinking and examples of teaching statistics, where access to technology is challenging. The importance of technology in the statistics classroom cannot be overstated, however, in much of the world classrooms do not have ideal access to technology.

We welcome papers that recognise the constraints posed in specific contexts and present how effective teaching and learning has been possible in spite of these challenges. We recognize that in many contexts, teacher digital literacy is a barrier to technology access and also welcome papers which touch on this issue.

The question is how is it possible to teach statistics using modern approaches that encourage using context, problem-oriented tasks, simulations and descriptive skills with a limited access to technology. This could lead to papers which highlight how educators have adapted technological solutions such as the use of smartphones for example.

We have identified potential crosscutting themes and would also welcome submissions relating them to the topics of:

  • Improving teachers’ skills in using technology.
  • Developing courses that embrace modern teaching approaches in statistics.
  • Responding to the pandemic situation effectively.

This topic recognised that most statistical research happens in contexts that seem out of reach to those working in challenging environments. Hence we particularly welcome papers that educators working in environments with challenging access to technology can gain ideas and inspiration from.