11th International
Conference on
Teaching Statistics
10–16 September 2022
Rosario, Argentina

Under development

International Programme Committee

  • Bruno de Sousa (Portugal) IPC Chair
  • Dulce Gomes (Portugal)
  • Jennifer Green (USA)
  • Lucia Zapata Cardona (Colombia)
  • Michael Bulmer (Australia)
  • Zachariah Mbasu (Kenya)
  • Teresita Terán (Argentina) Local representative at the IPC
  • Sue Peters (USA) Editor of Proceedings
  • John Shanks (New Zealand) Information Manager

Local Organizing Committee

  • Teresita Terán (National University of Rosario) Chair


  • Editor: Sue Peters
  • Sub-editor:

Who to contact

    Please direct any questions to the appropriate member of the IPC and LOC, using the email addresses below::

    SubjectEmail contact
    Programme:Bruno de Sousa or Michael Bulmer at IPC@icots.info
    Spanish and Portuguese sessions:???
    Proceedings:Editor: Sue Peters at editor@icots.info
    Sub-editor: ???
    Contributed papers:???
    Invited papers:Your Topic Convenor or Session Chair
    Posters:Jennifer Green at posters@icots.info
    Enquiries about local matters:Co-Chair of Local Organiszing Committee at loc@icots.info
    Web-site concerns:John Shanks at jshanks@maths.otago.ac.nz