(Saturday 19th, 08:00-17:00)

Modifying introductory courses to use simulation methods as the primary introduction to statistical inference



This workshop is intended for faculty members who have experience with teaching introductory statistics. The primary goal of this workshop is to demonstrate how computer simulation techniques, such as bootstrap confidence intervals and randomization tests, can be used to introduce students to fundamental concepts of statistical inference. Simulation methods are becoming increasingly important in statistics, and can be effective tools for building student understanding of inference. Through easy-to-use online tools and class activities, participants will see how to engage students and make these methods readily accessible. Presenters will also offer suggestions for implementing this approach and for assessing student learning. Information about the two curriculum development projects on which this workshop is based can be found at www.lock5stat.com and www.math.hope.edu/isi.

Bring your own laptop.

Includes lunch.

For questions and additional information, contact Allan Rossman at arossman@calpoly.edu