This paper is from Session 1D: Building the capacity to teach and understand statistics in emerging economies
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which comes under Topic 1: Sustaining strengths and building capacity in statistics education

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Statistics education in Ethiopia: successes, challenges and opportunities




In Ethiopia, efforts to increase enrolment and access to education have placed significant pressures on the training needs of teacher education programs, particularly for programs in Science and Mathematics Education (SMED). SMED is a driving factor in current priorities set forth by the Ethiopian Ministry of Education. Addis Ababa University has initiated several programs and directives focused on preparing well-trained masters and PhD students in SMED to support the expansion of science and mathematics education. In our paper, we take a case-study perspective and review the current Ethiopian curriculum in statistics and probability, and describe ongoing teaching, research and outreach efforts with potential to improve education in statistics, particularly within teacher training programs. Finally, we highlight recent efforts to improve statistical skills and quantitative research for graduate programs in teacher education.