This paper is from Session 1D: Building the capacity to teach and understand statistics in emerging economies
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which comes under Topic 1: Sustaining strengths and building capacity in statistics education

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On the commencement of a culture of “statistics acceptance” in a higher education institution relatively new at research



Notwithstanding the fact that Statistics has an important role to play in research, there exists an element of “fear and intimidation” among non-statisticians when they encounter the need to apply statistical methodology to research-related data. This paper presents an account of the ways in which the process of moving toward the development of a culture of “Statistics Acceptance” has been commenced at Kinnaird College For Women, Lahore, Pakistan — a higher education institution acclaimed for imparting quality education to the young women which is relatively new at research. The initiatives described in this paper can be regarded as some of the earliest steps in the direction of research-enhancement through statistical education. The real challenge is to move forward in such a way that an increased awareness, acceptance and acquisition of “the statistical skill-set” can not only be sustained but also enhanced over time.