This paper is from Session 10A: Collaborations between Statistics agencies and academia (schools/universities/colleges)
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which comes under Topic 10: Innovative collaboration in statistics education

(Monday 14th, 16:15-17:45)

More ways to Heaven than one: improving statistical literacy in Ireland



  • Steve MacFeely (Central Statistics Office and University College Cork, Ireland)


In 2007, with the aim of improving statistical literacy and effective use of statistics, the Central Statistics Office in Ireland launched an Education Outreach Programme. To achieve these objectives, the CSO has fostered key academic partnerships at a national and international level. Seminar Series, Statistical Liaison groups, Oireachtas briefings, CensusAtSchool, the John Hooper Medal for Statistics, the Apps4Gaps competition, the Professional Diploma in Official Statistics for Policy Evaluation, the International Statistical Literacy Poster Competition are some of the key projects developed under the umbrella of the Education Outreach Programme. This paper outlines the rationale behind the development and implementation of the Irish Education Outreach Programme with illustrations drawn from the Irish experience to date.