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This is a session of Topic 7: Statistical literacy in the wider society

(Tuesday 15th, 15:45-17:15)

Factors that affect statistical literacy


Session chair: Joachim Engel


The development of Statistical Literacy can be affected in a variety of ways. For example, it might that particular reasoning skills or the capacity for critical thinking, essential to statistical literacy, require specific development. Even general cognitive skills such as reading competency could act to facilitate or impede the development of statistical literacy. In addition, student conceptions of key constructs such as variability can be seen as central to statistical literacy. The papers in this session will report research into these different factors.


PaperTitlePresenter / Co-author(s)
7E1Critical thinking as an impact factor on statistical literacy – theoretical frameworks and results from an interview studyEinav Aizikovitsh-Udi (Israel)
Sebastian Kuntze (Germany)
7E2A multilevel perspective on factors influencing students’ statistical literacyUte Sproesser (Germany)
Joachim Engel (Germany)
Sebastian Kuntze (Germany)
7E3Sustaining communication of the value of statistics in the humanitiesNicole Mee-Hyaang Jinn (United States)