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This is a session of Topic 5: Statistics education in the disciplines and the workplace

(Thursday 17th, 15:45-17:15)

Statistics education beyond qualification (panel discussion)


Session chair: John Bailer


Continuing professional development is an important issue for statisticians, especially as new methodologies and approaches to analysis and data handling are continually developing. There are many forms that CPD can take and many routes to improving knowledge, including undertaking further courses, self-directed learning, participating in mentorship schemes, on-the-job training, attending conferences and academic talks and participating in journal clubs to name a few.

Professional statistics societies have a role to play in this, as embodied in one of the aims listed in the RSS mission statement “establish, uphold and advance high standards of statistical competence”. Both the ASA and RSS have professional awards that now require regular revalidation to ensure that award holders have up-to-date knowledge. In addition to offering this award, both offer CPD courses to members and are beginning to embrace new ways of reaching out to members including online journal clubs and webcasts of lectures. This session is aimed at discussing the potential of the professional societies to enhance the skills and knowledge of their members and exploring methods for doing this, including harnessing the potential of the internet to deliver resources and meet the needs of members can often be located a long way from the societies’ headquarters. This issue of distance is becoming more common as budgets become tighter and individuals find there increasing demands placed on their time.

Panel discussion

5C1Ronald Wasserstein (United States)                                        
5C2Gillian Lancaster (United Kingdom)                                        
5C3Judith-Anne Chapman (Canada)                                        
5C4Kazunori Yamaguchi (Japan)