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This is a session of Topic 4: Statistics education at the post-secondary level

(Friday 18th, 13:45-15:45)

Opening up the data world wider and faster



There is a rapidly increasing awareness of the so-called “data deluge”: the explosion in quantities of data being collected, the explosion of settings in which it is being collected, and expansions in the conceptions and scope of what constitutes data. This is accompanied by advances in ways of visualising data and accessible data-visualisation tools. Consequently, it is imperative to find ways to get students much further into the world of data, much faster. This session will address ideas about how to do this and experience with applying these ideas in practice. It will cover a range of topics including: what students need from an Introductory Statistics course in this big data age, how purpose-designed software might facilitate faster progress, and innovative practices for really stretching students such as the UCLA Data Fest, a 48 hour undergraduate “hackathon” focussed on analyzing a large and complex data set.


PaperTitlePresenter / Co-author(s)
4F1Introductory statistics in the 21st centuryRichard De Veaux (United States)
4F2DataFest: celebrating data in the data delugeRobert Gould (United States)
4F3Middleware for Middle EarthChris Wild (New Zealand)
4F4Open data, civil society and monitoring progress: challenges for statistics educationJoachim Engel (Germany)