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This is a session of Topic 3: Education and development of staff who teach statistics

(Thursday 17th, 10:55-12:25)

Professional development of statistics instructors



The prevalence of statistics in modern society has grown rapidly. As a result, students, teachers, and those in the workplace now need to receive and apply a higher level of statistical literacy, reasoning, and thinking than ever before.

School and tertiary curricula worldwide have substantially increased the status of statistics to prepare their students for the current demands of society. Therefore, students are expected to learn more about statistics than they ever have in the past. In addition, novel approaches to teaching statistics are included in current curricula. Teachers and lecturers are the vehicles through which statistical concepts are taught at school and tertiary institutions, so that there is an immediate need to provide high quality professional development programs for teachers and lecturers in order to ensure the effective implementation of the revised curricula.

In addition, statistics is being utilized in business and industry more than any ever in the past, so that upgrading of statistical knowledge of in-service workers is essential; consequently there is a need for professional development programs in the workplace.

This session will present effective research-based professional development programs for those involved in statistics education for all audiences.


PaperTitlePresenter / Co-author(s)
3E1Building the capacity of mathematics and science teachers to teach statisticsKatharine Richards (United Kingdom)
Neville Davies (United Kingdom)
Neil Sheldon (United Kingdom)
3E2Project-SET materials for the teaching and learning of sampling variability and regressionAnn Watkins (United States)
Celia Anderson (United States)
Anna Bargagliotti (United States)
Stephanie Casey (United States)
Michelle Everson (United States)
Christine Franklin (United States)
Robert Gould (United States)
Randall Groth (United States)
John Haddock (United States)
3E3Implementing GAISE recommendations through “doing statistics” tasksBrandon Hanson (United States)
Jessica Brown (United States)
Katherine Mangione (United States)
Jeffrey Pair (United States)
Jeremy Strayer (United States)