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This is a session of Topic 1: Sustaining strengths and building capacity in statistics education

(Thursday 17th, 15:45-17:15)

Building the capacity of new PhDs and graduate students to teach statistics (panel discussion)



The future of statistics and a statistically educated public relies on building and sustaining the capacity of new graduates to teach this specialized body of knowledge. This session will bring together an international collection of panelists representing various stakeholders. Panelists will include graduates who have recently begun their teaching careers, early career statistics faculty who want to improve the quality of their teaching and statistics educators involved in the professional training of statistics instructors. The discussion will focus on the perceived needs of the graduates, the key factors considered to be important to the early development of teaching capacity and the status of training programs developed by experienced statistics educators and governing bodies. The panel will also consider the future needs and challenges faced by an international community. The audience will have the opportunity to question and interact with the panel throughout. The discussion will aim to provide insight into strategies that will assist in sustaining and building the capacity of the next generation of statistics instructors around the globe.

Panel discussion

1B1Kari Lock Morgan (United States)                                        
1B2Zachariah Mbasu (Kenya)                                        
1B3Stephanie Budgett (New Zealand)                                        
1B4Patricia Buchanan (United States)